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Capture Your Gator Graduation Moments: University of Florida's Top Photo Spots

Graduating from the University of Florida is a monumental achievement, and what better way to commemorate this milestone than with a professional graduation photo shoot? As a seasoned photographer specializing in graduation photography for UF students, I'm here to guide you through the most picturesque locations on campus to capture your success and spirit as a Gator.

Iconic UF Locations for Your Graduation Photoshoot

The University of Florida campus in Gainesville, FL, is renowned for its stunning architecture, vibrant student life, and, of course, its iconic photo spots. Here are the top locations where UF grads love to pose, celebrate, and create lasting memories:

University of Florida Graduation photographer.jpg

1. The Swamp - Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

An emblem of Gator Nation's pride, the stadium offers dynamic backdrops, from the roaring stands to the serene field, ideal for capturing your Gator spirit.

University of Florida Graduation photographer Murphree arch

4. Murphree Courtyard (Arch)

For a touch of sophistication, the Murphree Courtyard, with its classic arches and tranquil setting, offers a polished backdrop for your graduation photos.

Grad portraits-126.jpg

7. Albert and Alberta Statue

No UF graduation photo session is complete without a nod to the university's beloved mascots. The Albert and Alberta Statue is a fun and spirited location, perfect for capturing your Gator pride in a playful manner.


10. UF Levin College of Law

The UF Levin College of Law, with its distinguished columns, grand entrance, and lush lawns, offers a backdrop that speaks volumes of the prestige and academic rigor associated with earning a law degree from the University of Florida. As you stand before the college that has shaped your understanding of justice and law, your graduation photos will not only reflect your personal achievement but also the noble path you've chosen to pursue.

University of Florida Graduation photographer gator walk.jpg

2. Gator Walk

Immerse yourself in the heart of UF's traditions with a photo on the famed Gator Walk. Its palm-lined path is perfect for showcasing your achievements with a touch of UF's lively atmosphere.

University of Florida Graduation photogr

5. UF Arch at Heavener Hall

Capture the essence of your UF journey with the majestic UF Arch as your backdrop. Located at the intersection of University Ave and 13th St., it symbolizes the gateway to new beginnings.

grad photos-119.JPG

8. Gator Globe at Warrington College

The Gator Globe is a unique and modern backdrop that symbolizes global influence and connectivity. It's an ideal spot for graduates who have embraced a global perspective during their time at UF.


11. The Bull Gator Statue

Nestled in the heart of Gator Nation, the Bull Gator Statue stands as a proud symbol of UF's athletic prowess and spirited community. This iconic statue is not just a popular meeting spot for students; it's a testament to the strength, determination, and resilience that define every UF graduate. As such, it offers an unparalleled backdrop for graduation photos that embody the true essence of being a Gator.

University of Florida Graduation photographer plaza of the americas.jpg

3. Plaza of the Americas

Surround yourself with nature and the serene ambiance of the Plaza of the Americas. Its natural beauty provides a stunning contrast to your graduation attire, offering a blend of elegance and the campus's vibrant life.


6. Century Tower

A symbol of UF's rich history and academic excellence, Century Tower stands tall and proud, offering a striking backdrop for your graduation photos. Its Gothic architecture and the carillon bells add a timeless elegance to your photographs.


9. Lake Alice

For those who love natural scenery, Lake Alice offers a serene and beautiful landscape. With its calm waters and the chance to capture wildlife in your photos, it's a peaceful retreat from the more traditional campus locations.


12. Florida Gator Statue at Gator Booster Office

Positioned prominently outside the Gator Booster Office at the iconic Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the Florida Gator Statue is more than just a sculpture; it's a symbol of the enduring spirit and unity of the Gator Nation. Capturing your graduation moments here not only reflects your pride in being part of this vibrant community but also connects you to the heart of UF's athletic excellence and spirited traditions.

Why Choose Photohead Photography for Your UF Graduation Photography?
With years of experience photographing UF graduates, I bring a creative eye and a deep understanding of the best times and angles to capture the essence of your graduation day. Whether you're drawn to the iconic Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the serene Plaza of the Americas, or any other spot on campus, I'm dedicated to making your graduation photos as unique and memorable as your time at UF.

Let's Explore New Horizons Together
While the locations mentioned are among the most popular, I'm always excited to explore new and meaningful spots on campus with you. Your graduation is a personal story, and I'm here to help you tell it in the most beautiful way possible.

Book Your UF Graduation Photoshoot Today
Ready to immortalize your graduation achievements with stunning photographs at the University of Florida? Contact me to schedule your session and discuss how we can make your graduation photos truly special. Let's celebrate your success and capture the essence of your Gator spirit together!

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