About Me


We all have those moments.  Those moments where we can look back and see a distinctive point where our path of life changed; our future redirected.  One of those moments for me is the day I did my first photoshoot.  From the beginning I was hooked.  Throughout this journey, I have had the pleasure to meet some of the most amazing human beings; and be welcomed into their private world on one of their distinctive life moments.   Throughout the journey challenges accepted, goals met, experiences had, and most of all friendships have blossomed.  I truly do what I love; and do it in a way that has been molded by my life experiences; for that I am forever grateful.


Have a glance at my  portfolio  and see if you like my style.  I would LOVE to work with you.

Contact Me

Email: Photoheadphotography@outlook.com

Tel: 352-281-4213